Resolutions of Saline County Regional Solid Waste District Board

The SCRSWMD Board takes official actions in its regular and special meetings, after proper notice, by resolutions. The District’s records indicate that the first action by the Board was taken on April 1, 1993. On that date the District purchased the Sardis Road Landfill and equipment from the City of Benton. On that day, the Saline County Regional Solid Waste Management District went into the landfill business. The District continued to operate the Saline County District Class I and Class IV permitted sanitary landfill until its sale in February, 2011.

Between 1993 and February 2011, the Board’s time and efforts were dedicated to overseeing the continuing operation of a landfill—purchasing equipment, making contracts, establishing a recycling center and employing upwards to fifteen employees, both union and non-union. During those years approximately 95% of the actions the Board took through resolutions addressed landfill issues and these resolutions have not been relevant to the business of the District, other than for historical purposes, since 2011. Because of this, landfill related resolutions from 1993 to 2011 are not uploaded onto this website, however, an index of those resolutions is available using the link below. The resolutions are, of course accessible at the District Office at 114 W. Sevier St. in Benton, Arkansas, through the FOIA process.

By using the link below, you will be able to see an index of all actions taken by the District Board through the resolution process and the resolutions themselves beginning in 2011 to date, as well as relevant resolutions from prior years. They are organized by topic and not by year.

Resolutions Adopted by District Board

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Resolution No. 1 of 2016

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Resolution No.3 of 2016